Librem5 Mobile Settings doesn't recognize the Purism dock

I bought the dock that Purism sells, and it works great for me. One thing though, the Librem5 Mobile Settings app that allows yo to do a lot of cool configs on the L5 doesn’t recognize the dock. That is, I have the L5 connected to it, with monitor and keyboard, etc. When I go to Convergence in the app, it says “No known docks detected”?!

Does this dock or this feature of the app work for others? I’m just curious.


This works with the nexdock, I never tried with another kind of dock

It may be for docks with built-in screens like the Nexdock.

Bingo. That’s what it’s for.

aka a lapdock.

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thanis @dos and @Gavaudan.

Then, I’m curious, what is the point or purpose for having the feature in the mobile setting app but limiting it to lapdocks?

what does the feature do in the app that wouldn’t be applicable to the usb-c docks?

Associating the touchscreen input with correct output.

ok, that makes sense. thx!