Librem5 Modem Diag Interface

I just installed qcsuper (

git clone qcsuper
apt install python3-serial python3-crcmod
cd qcsuper
./ --usb-modem /dev/ttyUSB0 --info

It seams to work (based on info output) but I didn’t test it futher.
Just for info if someone wants to try it.


For my benefit and perhaps others who do not know … what can you do with this package?

There is already some information in the Community Wiki Tips and Tricks regarding executing AT commands on the cellular modem.

It provides the ability to analyze the mobile network communication. For example the parameters of the cell towers nearby.

It was used as input for this talk, which tries to identify imsi catchers:
https ://
(I had to put a blank into the url, because the forum would only show a video and not the whole link. You have to remove it manually.)

I don’t think its for normal users but more for developers to use it to create an application in top of it.

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