Librem5 usb network froze my computer

I have librem5 connected through usb cable to my laptop. I share the network connection through this cable from laptop to librem5. Suddenly all usb devices froze and I had to reboot my laptop. This is what I found in laptop’s journal:

NETDEV WATCHDOG: usb0 (cdc_ncm): transmit queue 0 timed out 7040 ms
WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 29 at net/sched/sch_generic.c:525 dev_watchdog+0x21e/0x230
Modules linked in: tun xfs af_packet snd_seq_dummy snd_hrtimer snd_seq nf_conntrack_netbios_ns nf_conntrack_broadcast xt_CHECKSUM xt_MASQUERADE xt_conntrack ipt_REJECT xt_tcp>
 ath9k_hw intel_tcc_cooling dwc3 cdc_mbim spi_nor ath cdc_wdm iTCO_wdt x86_pkg_temp_thermal snd_compress intel_pmc_bxt intel_powerclamp snd_hda_codec_generic uvcvideo snd_pcm>
 dmi_sysfs ip_tables x_tables dm_crypt essiv authenc trusted uas asn1_encoder hid_cmedia hid_generic usb_storage usbhid tee crct10dif_pclmul crc32_pclmul polyval_clmulni poly>
CPU: 2 PID: 29 Comm: ksoftirqd/2 Not tainted 6.4.3-1-default #1 openSUSE Tumbleweed ed3b0209c14d8c7341abe4f6c6340fed8922e0a4
Hardware name: Purism Librem 15 v3/Librem 15 v3, BIOS 4.19-Purism-1 03/24/2023
RIP: 0010:dev_watchdog+0x21e/0x230
Code: ff ff ff 48 89 df c6 05 26 5c 5d 01 01 e8 8a 3e fa ff 45 89 f8 44 89 f1 48 89 de 48 89 c2 48 c7 c7 80 ea ca 93 e8 12 f6 5e ff <0f> 0b e9 2d ff ff ff 66 66 2e 0f 1f 84 0>
RSP: 0000:ffffb1da80117db0 EFLAGS: 00010286
RAX: 0000000000000000 RBX: ffff99fc98ba0000 RCX: 0000000000000027
RDX: ffff99fe2fd274c8 RSI: 0000000000000001 RDI: ffff99fe2fd274c0
RBP: ffff99fc98ba04c8 R08: 0000000000000000 R09: ffffb1da80117c58
R10: 0000000000000003 R11: ffffffff94558cc8 R12: ffff99facb6b9e00
R13: ffff99fc98ba041c R14: 0000000000000000 R15: 0000000000001b80
FS:  0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffff99fe2fd00000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
CS:  0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
CR2: 00007fd6315e9000 CR3: 00000001bc66e006 CR4: 00000000003706e0
Call Trace:
 ? dev_watchdog+0x21e/0x230
 ? __warn+0x81/0x130
 ? dev_watchdog+0x21e/0x230
 ? report_bug+0x171/0x1a0
 ? handle_bug+0x3c/0x80
 ? exc_invalid_op+0x17/0x70
 ? asm_exc_invalid_op+0x1a/0x20
 ? dev_watchdog+0x21e/0x230
 ? __pfx_dev_watchdog+0x10/0x10
 ? __pfx_dev_watchdog+0x10/0x10
 ? __schedule+0x3e3/0x14b0
 ? __pfx_smpboot_thread_fn+0x10/0x10
 ? __pfx_kthread+0x10/0x10

The last thing in librem5 log is

PM: suspend entry (deep)

which has a timestamp about 1 minute before laptop froze.
What is also weird is that librem5 is configured not to suspend when on cable.

Laptop software fully up to date?

Freeze is reproducible?

And given that you comment that the Librem 5 is configured not to suspend in this circumstance … Librem 5 software fully up to date?

Yes, I’m running openSUSE Tumbleweed on my laptop, which is a rolling release distro.

So far it happened only once. I didn’t try to reproduce it intentionally yet.


I saw something similar on my Fedora laptop as well a while ago. Therefore I disabled the wired network when connecting the L5.