LibremKey for LUKS encrypted usb drives

Hello everyone! I am a proud owner of a Librem 14, and I have been using the associated Librem Key along with PureBoot. Decrypting the LUKS partition at boot time using the Librem Key has been a very comfortable and seamless process.

Now, I’m curious to know if there’s a straightforward way to also decrypt USB sticks using the Librem Key. If anyone has any insights or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Additionally, could the configuration process potentially be automated through a script? This could streamline the process even further. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Not as far as I know.

You might be able to use the U2F feature, if it’s available, to do this: Use systemd-cryptenroll with FIDO U2F or TPM2 to decrypt your disk - Fedora Magazine

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