LibremOne Password Policy


Really not what I expected from a privacy and security oriented service…

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You can’t get enough password entropy unless you use those few (?) characters? :slight_smile:

I agree that any service that needs to avoid selected punctuation characters probably has some implementation oddities.

Could that error message please make clearer which characters exactly it is trying to avoid?

Looks to me like a Unicode block, a backslash, a single quote, and a double quote. I’m more interested if this means I can use other obscure Unicode characters that I would never have tried to include in a password like the three-fourths fraction or the double-cross looking character that I don’t know the name of.

Edit: as Caligula points out below the Unicode block is actually the start of a bulletted list not an excluded character

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Hence why someone should explain what the restriction really is?

What has anyone got against the “Unicode block” character? Makes no sense to me.

The three characters make some sense. They all have special meaning in programing.
As there are many clients, officially supported or not, it looks like a precaution to save a lot of trouble. It’s sufficient if only one client does not handle them well.

EDIT: the bullet just marks the beginning of all (error) messages, it’s not part of the excluded characters.


Ah, that makes way more sense. Good catch on the bullet being just the start of a bulletted list and not an excluded character.

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