LibreOffice version?

The PureOS version of LibreOffice on my Librem13 is and I have not been able to save Writer docs in any other format than .dot Often I want to save in .docx format, but no such option is available. On my Ubuntu 20.04 system the LibreOffice version is, and many document formats are available. Is there some reason why PureOS is so many verions behind? John

Libreoffice supports saving documents as *.docx

when you do save as you should be able to select the different available formats

Joao, I KNOW it does, but MY installation, that came with the librem13, does NOT support .docx saves. John

I am using LIbreOffice with Amber. When using ‘Save As’, the bottom of the dialog box shows “All Formats”. If I click on that and then scroll on the down arrow–initially, only .odt and .ott are shown in the box–I can choose .docx or other formats.

i can confirm the above. same for me.

Thanks Wayne and reC; I had not seen the little down arrow that brings up the other file types (although I use it on my other systems). Case closed!

if you’re testing PureOS Byzantium you will find that LibreOffice 7 is there … many things changed on the GUI side of things …