libreOS cut&paste from browser to shell


in the process of bringing my just arrived laptop up to speed…
and, naturally, some unspectacular trivia come into the way…

usually, when the target is not able to cope with the kbd shortcuts ctrl-c/ctrl-v at least dragging the selected text onto the xterm yields the expected result… not here, so is there another trick to get stuff from the webbrowser onto the shell?

thanks in advance

Are you trying to paste into the terminal? Since ctrl-c is generally an interrupt, most terminals don’t use that for copying. In my experience, ctrl-shift-c copies, and ctrl-shift-v pastes. So you’d ctrl-c in the browser, then ctrl-shift-v on the terminal to paste.

It seems that doesn’t work with xterm, though, so I’m not actually sure how one might paste in xterm. I normally just use the default GNOME terminal (though I think it also works with Tilix, which PureOS has started including).

Hopefully that’s what you were asking.

indeed, doesn`t work with xterm, but tilix was the right keyword…

argh… i thought it would be easier to adapt typing on an american kbd layout,
but i admit, the subtle differences with a german layout are driving me mad…

anyway, thanks!