License requirements for PureOS


I’m a new Librem owner and brand new to PureOS. As I was taking my first steps into the world of PureOS i was simply amazed at how well crafted the operating system feels after first boot. Being a cloud developer, i started installing my tools of the trade and was halted rather quickly as i dug into the repositories for docker. v 1.11.2 is from circa Feb 2017. This is quite old in terms of how fast moby has progressed.

I did take a look over on their product page, and started spelunking the licenses involved. This has lead me to an existential crisis. Do I really want container technology to be the first taint I put on the system?

its a lot of MIT and APL based licensing, and a few proprietary bits which instantly disqualified it from the spirit of PureOS. But this leads me back to the general question: What license groups would be acceptable candidates to keep PureOS as aligned with its original project goals that I could use/consume?

Thanks for the details and guidance.

Excellent, this is precisely what i was looking for, and had suspected was the case. This is helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you