Light Leakage from the bottom of my Librem 13

Hello everyone! Does anyone know a fix for light leakage? I have some coming from the bottom right of my Librem 13 laptop. It’s not even a year old but I’m hoping there’s a fix. Thanks in advance for any help :wink:
This is supposed to be an all black wallpaper.

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hi ! please upload a photograph so we can see what you mean by “light leakage”.

Not sure what causes this? But I do know that it’s pretty hideous. This pic from my phone for some reason exacerbates the effect. It’s actually less than this but none the less ugly

Backlit LC displays usually have a diffusing layer behind the display, to distribute the light coming from LEDs mounted on the sides of the display (top and bottom in this case) evenly behind the actual display.
This is never perfect, so almost all LCDs show some lack of uniformity.

The diffusing layer is usually a couple of stacked foils, acting as a light guide, and in this case it seems that they delaminated somewhat, which causes more light to leak out near the source.
You can test this by applying very light pressure near the lightest spots on the bottom to see if it disappears.

Seems very much like a defect in the display assembly and if you don’t plan to fix it yourself, it probably is a warranty case.

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