Lineage OS on the Librem5?

Would anyone run Lineage OS on the Librem 5 if there was a solid port for it? I think I personally would have a 1TB micro SD card for Pure OS and have LineageOS installed to the 32GB microSD card. Obviously, I’d want this build on top of the Librem5’s kernel

Well… but what’s the point then?
The apps that you can run on Lineage OS, you could also run via Anbox, without dualbooting (if that is what you intended).

Without any passthrough for Bluetooth, and cameras, Anbox is mostly useless to me.

If I could run Ubuntu touch apps natively on the Librem 5, then I’d be fine… As there is no client for AsteroidOS on PureOS

I see. Admittedly, I don’t know much about these details. Is it a (likely) future possibility?

Well a big advantage of a librem 5 even with android would be, that Purism promised to keep updating the librem 5. So especially the kernel would be up to date which most other android phones fail and get insecure over time. The kernel would also be free and together with an open source android, you could also inspect or build your complete phone software.
While I still prefer to have real Gnu/Linux on my phone I can see the advantages to regular android phones.


I thought I could try qemu with the anbox image

installed to the 32GB eMMC drive?

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Yes, I meant the eMMC

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