Linssid or equivalent app

I installed linssid, similar to WiFi Analyzer on Spydroid, but it fails to start on Mobian (I suspect similar behavior on L5) due to a failure to initialize the xcb qt component. It seems this may be caused by missing X11 stuff, because… you know, Wayland.

Has anyone either overcome this, or found a good replacement app?

What do you want to “analyze”? Sorry not familiar with that app.

Apologies. It monitors 2.4 & 5 GHz and displays SSIDs and their channel assignments. Tool optimizing your WiFi, enabling you to put your access point in a quiet zone.

sudo iw wlan0 scan

You will probably want to pipe through grep to pick up the things you are interested in, since it produces a lot of information (most of which is too obscure for me).

Adding: e.g. sudo iw wlan0 scan | grep -E '^BSS|freq:|SSID:|channel:'

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That looks really promising (gotta love bash!), but it tells me that iw is not found. So I used apt to install it, but it said that the newest version (5.9.3) was already installed and was now set to “manually installed”. :thinking:

I just tried iwconfig on Mobian@PinePhone and wondered that it’s only found with sudo.

However I tried to bring the wifi card into monitor mode and it seemed to work. I used the method from this article:

I did not go any further, yet, but if it really works it opens up possibilities for sniffers like kismet.

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OK, you got me. I should have mentioned that I may have had to install it (too long ago to remember).

I have version 5.0.1-1 though.

Are you on Byzantium? I’m on Amber.

Also, yeah needs sudo so I edited my post to reflect that.

Sudo? Should have known! :man_facepalming:

I really like WiFi Analyzer, and would probably like linssid, but iw will work fine for the occasional setup or troubleshooting.