Linucx kernel sources with librem 5 patches and apps, schemas

I have ordered Liblrem 5 dev kit, waiting for delivery. Is it posible to download kernel sources with librem 5 patches? Also dev kit schemas? How the components are interfaces to the chip. i would like make kernel code optimization before devkit receiving. Thank You.

I couldn’t find any official documentation of it, but since I know that they build x86 images in their public Jenkins I looked there and found at least some info:

As you can see, their IMX6 build is passing but their IMX8 build is not, so they probably have not got a complete image ready yet for the IMX8 (might have a manually built image, but who knows). But it’s likely that the IMX8 kernel image will be very similar to the IMX6 image, so you can take a look at that for now at least.

yes, imx6 should be close enough, thank You very much. I didnt know this Jenkins location, thanks

For technical questions you could ask in the matrix channel:
The librem 5 devs are quite active in there and could probably answer your question best.

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