Linux Keyboard ( system 76 ) can i use it with mini v2

I am somewhat of a keyboard snob . I really like Launch Configurable Keyboard . Will it work with Pure OS in mini V2 since its a linux based keyboard ? i guess so right ?

i see no reason why you should not able to use it.
it’s just usb keyboard. usb keyboards are quite standardized, and use usb-hid protocol…
besides PureOS is Linux
And site cleanly says:
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Yes, it should work out of the box. From what I remember reading they have an application to help configure the keyboard, for when you wan to remap the keys, and create key profiles. I do not know if that application is available from the Debian repositories to be installed.

So if you wan that application you might meed to manually install it, but downloading the *.deb package from some source.

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Thanks Joao.

Thanks for that info :slight_smile: .