Linux Mobile debugging for everyone

Slides from Guido’s FrOSCon 2023 talk “Logs and backtraces: How to provide meaningful problem reports: Linux Mobile debugging for everyone” available: Lecture: Logs and backtraces: How to provide meaningful problem reports | Sunday | Schedule FrOSCon 2023 (see the “Talk slides” link there)

Unfortunately no video recording from the talk, just slides available. Good stuff, anyway, many useful tips and tricks. :slight_smile:


“For everyone” #LOL

Looks like it was a good talk by Guido, but us developers have a lot of reflection to do if we really believe users will see this and file better bug reports.

It’s not that I don’t think users, who file bug reports (another hurdle), won’t do due diligence, but remembering what and where months after you read it is an issue.

Us developers need to place this info where users report the bugs. I’ve seen this in README files in repositories, which is a good start. It would be a good habit to start putting issue reporting guides/links in documentation outputs.

Sorry to hijack this thread. I hope I can remember what I’ve said here. :smiley: