Linux newbie question - reverting to Coreboot

Greetings. I currently have Pureboot (on a Librem 15v4) and I wish to revert to standard Coreboot since I don’t require (or desire) using Libremkey authentication at this time. Perhaps later I will, but not at this time.

The challenge is, I am a Linux newbie and have questions on the ‘dependencies’ required for running the coreboot Utility and Updater Script located here:

I run Matt’s script, per his directions in the posting but it still complains of the dependencies. The dependencies are as follows:

core: dmidecode wget coreutils gzip
flashrom: [core] + git build-essential libpci-dev libudev-dev zlib1g-dev
coreboot: [flashrom] + gnat m4 bison flex libncurses5-dev

I did research on the “core” one, but I don’t understand what it’s suggesting when it says “dmidecode wget coreutils gzip”. I began research on dmidecode and found it’s a command that reads hardware information. I didn’t see wget as a parameter to that command, and so I did research and found wget is a command on it’s own that downloads from the Web. I stopped researching here because the more I research, the more confused I am without understanding a high-level explanation of what these dependencies mean and what the context is - are they commands I’m to execute? something else?

I have a feeling if I were Linux-adept it would be obvious, unfortunately, I’m Linux-green at this point. A high-level explanation and maybe even how to confirm/meet these dependencies would be highly appreciated so I can move forward with reverting to Coreboot.

Hello, you can check you to revert from Pureboot to Coreboot here:

Thanks Joao. Yes - I read that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the answer to my questions.

They are small programs on which the that the coreboot utility script depends on to be able to do it’s job. The script does all the work, you do not need to mannually use dmidecode and the others you mentioned.

Regarding this, you can run the following command from a terminal:

sudo apt install dmidecode wget coreutils gzip git build-essential libpci-dev libudev-dev zlib1g-dev gnat m4 bison flex libncurses5-dev

It will install the missing dependencies

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In case it is not obvious, that sudo apt install command is all one long command. The way it formats in my browser window (YMMV) could be confusing for a self-described “Linux newbie”. :slight_smile:

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Very helpful! Thanks!