Linux Question - Relevant to Librem 5

I have a question about something I plan to use my Librem 5 for. I have a silicon device programmer that I want to run from my Librem 5, after I get my Librem 5. The question is about if what I want to figure out how to do is feasible or not.

The device programmer only has software that will run on an x86 PC running Linux. Typically, one would plug the USB cable from the device programmer in to a PC, drop the silicon device in to the device programmer, and run the software on the PC to transfer programs (firmware) from the PC to the silicon device. I want to do things a little differently.

Theoretically, should it be possible to use my Librem 5 to program the device instead? Here is how I thought to set that up.
1.) Plug the device programmer in to my Librem 5 USB port
2.) Remote login to my home x86 PC and set the display back to the Librem 5
3.) While working remotely this way, mount the USB drive on my Librem 5 from the x86 PC. (this is the step in question)
4.) Execute the device programmer software on the x86 PC from the L5 remotely, which would program the device via the USB drive on the L5.

I thought of running an x86 compatibility layer on the L5 instead, but thought the remote method might run better from a more powerful PC with a bigger processor and lots of RAM and no need for a compatibility layer.

Does anyone out there who knows Linux well think this will work? If the device programmer GUI isn’t friendly to the phone screen, the device programmer can be operated from a terminal window. But mounting a USB port on another device that has a different native architecture seems questionable unless someone knows it can be done.

AFAIK that’s not something ordinary VNC can do. It also seems needlessly complicated. Personally, I’d just try setting up binfmt_misc with qemu on the Librem 5 first.

I would think “no”. Having said that, it would be useful to know what kind of USB interface the device programmer presents. If it’s a vanilla serial port, you might be in with a shot.

There are things like USB over IP. I would look for a different programmer that has the necessary software, or emulating using qemu-user-static.