List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Please, just to know: is gnome calendar not optimised yet (can’t see reminders name/title (just the beginning of the hour I created it) neither landscape and portrait) or is it just me?
Of course, before post it here I used search into the page but no answer found.
Thank you

Click on the little square and you will get a little pop up with all information. Or just click on the “week” tab on bottom.


Now I’m using Kasts Mobile View by forcing it via sudo flatpak override --env=QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_MOBILE=1 org.kde.kasts.

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Nice trick! It fits and it doesn’t seem crashy like it did last year.

I don’t suppose you know how to make it honor dark mode, do you?

It was fixed: 467893 – Unable to launch when forcing mobile view
I doesn’t know how to change the default theme.

The latest Signal flatpak works in portrait mode now.

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AT commands don’t run for my end…

$ sudo apt install geeqie

And use it instead of internal image viewer.
Opens any photo really really fast, even its size is over 5-10 Mb.
f keybinding is your friend.

Also see other keybindings:


Rhythmbox fits just OK:
$ sudo apt install rhythmbox

Set scale to 150%, force scaling down in Mobile Settings (UPD: leave scale unmodified) and use it horizontally.



@neva_blyad. Care to post a couple of screenshots of those 2 apps in action?

Sorry, I was too lazy. Done.


Thanks. I like Geeqie. I need to use the keyboard better, however. Loupe is another good image app but it does come with Flatpak bloat.

Thunderbird works like a charm with horizontal view & font scaling 150%:
$ sudo apt install thunderbird

Also, you have to hide the third panel.


MenuLibre fits well enough:
$ sudo apt install menulibre

Set scale to 150% and use it horizontally.


Blueman works perfectly with Bluetooth devices; pair, connect/disconnect, profile settting, etc.
$ sudo apt install blueman

Set scale to 150% and use it horizontally.


Does press and hold to right-click actually work for you? My experience is not that positive.

GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is front-end for gpg, it stores PGP keys, encrypts/decrypts, signing and verifying. Use it in addition to Seahorse and console’s gpg.
$ sudo apt install gpa

Set scale to 150% and use it horizontally.


No. Should the long pressing open context menu or something? (I have no idea how to emulate right-click using touch screen.)

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Although really, as long as there is some gesture that emulates right-click then that is good enough.

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GNU Image Manipulation Program

sudo apt-get install gimp

It will require ~143MB

it got installed

The icon appears in the bottom left of this screenshot

After starting you see it requires scaling (from 200% to 100%)

Without a mouse I could change the color of this icon

Into this

I didn’t do further things yet. But it is functional to my use cases.

I Forgot !!
Gimp version installed 2.10.22

There is an update from 11-04-2023

I’ll stay some days with the previous version.

Pd. figured out how to upload screenshots in this post. :smile: