List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

I installed pyTrainer (pureos-amber) for testing. It has to be scaled down to a very tiny state to even see it all, but then it’s much too difficult to use, unfortunately. At larger scale it doesn’t scroll or drag to touch, which prevents you from getting to the off-screen parts.

Mastercard Online Currency Converter (as a web app):

I found and tested a couple of different converter apps, but they either didn’t launch or weren’t very usable, so this web app is a good option and has any currency rate you are likely to encounter.
Pro tip: Practically no disk space used.

There are lots of other conversion calculator websites, of course.

AFAIK you can use the Calculator app for that from the GNOME-DE … or if you have a national bank site you can make a web-app from gnome-web-browser …

8’0"? You must lead an interesting life.


As far as I can tell, the installed calculator doesn’t have a way to switch to financial mode, although there is a setting for exchange rate interval (daily, weekly, etc.). Maybe there’s a plug-in to add that…?

I tested Mate Calculator, but it doesn’t fit the screen, unfortunately.

Mastercard and Visa are a great direct source for exchange rates, of course. Especially since we’re probably using one of their credit cards or ATM cards for the transaction.


Markets flatpak can also be used to track exchange rates, as I previously indicated:

Oh I thought you meant because he had a need to convert Albanian Leks to Aruban Guilders. :wink:


Anyone know how well AppImages run on the L5? I’m curious to see how well Plex Media Player works and fits on the screen. Plex Hub.



I just found an app called Girens in the FlatHub that looks like its a GTK client for Plex.

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This is as much as i can tell you:

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Any idea if AppImages work on the L5 Phone?

The localization gives me goosebumps even as a non native english speaker. :smiley: But the UI looks fine.

Another one of those GTK+ apps that fit the screen naturally.

Simple list; add as many as you want and set your desired display format. (Maybe a bit redundant, as you can also add world cities in the L5’s native Clock app. Options are always good, though.)


Apparently, I’ve reached the maximum number of edits allowed for the original post at top.

Edit: Fixed now. Still able to update the list.

Would it be madness to move that list to the wiki finally and keep it updated there?
Although @joao.azevedo or @david.boddie can probably edit the editing limits on that first post - wikifying it. Have the updates/news and discussions here, and the data there…?

I’m open, but I kind of like having it here, because every time I add an app, with samples, it’s brought to everyone’s attention. Many people won’t think to go to the wikis, or even know it exists, as we’ve seen already.

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OK, this is a good one. Unofficial Shazam client. I tested on a streaming Italian music station and also on my stored music files; it identified every song.

SongRec (flatpak, sandboxed):

This has to be scaled down about halfway, but it’s not too bad. It also pops up frequent error messages (it does that on my laptop, too), but it still recognizes the song.

Typical error message:
error decoding response body: EOF while parsing a value at line 1 column 0

Update: This app even corrects itself when it misidentifies the wrong version of a song that has been released in more than one language. Nice!


try again now :smiley:


I don’t have any experience with rsync, but since it has been mentioned a lot, I tested this GUI. It mostly fits and appears fully usable in portrait mode without adjusting scale. In landscape it’s not scrollable. You could also scale it down slightly if you want it to look perfect.



There is no reason why they shouldn’t work, but what might be annoying about them is that you’d likely need to create or copy a .desktop file for it to show up in your app drawer as well as in most cases AppImages are only compiled for x86_64 and not for ARM.

I think this qualifies as a reason it shouldn’t work.