List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Grpn Calculator is a Reverse Polish Notation calculator for you RPN heads out there.
$ sudo apt install grpn

This is the opening screen:

Tapping on “File” at the upper left corner show a pop-up menu:

“Clear” resets the calculator so that all numbers in the stack are cleared.
“Options” brings up the calculator’s settings:

Missing from the calculator is a key-click option to give audio feedback on key presses.
The application fits without issue on the L5 screen, without need for scaling.
However, Byzantium doesn’t classify it as a mobile-friendly app, for some reason.
Apart from that, it’s a welcome addition to my L5.


Just got motivated to try LyX, and it is fully functional on mobile!

This shows selecting items off the screen on the toolbar.

This shows that selecting a footnote via touch opens the footnote edit view.

This shows that outline view might not be too usable, but note that all the text on the right is fit to the visible area. Note: I had trouble clicking the upper right corner ‘x’, but could still easily close the outline from the toolbar view menu.



Top row, 2nd from left:

Scaled using Compositor in phosh Mobile-Settings (I’ve already added several groups from a long list in various languages):

Selecting a channel (double-tap):

TV channel opens in a new window (swipe up to dismiss):

…and does not preview in the app’s main screen the way it would on a desktop computer (i.e. a quirk/bug):


Loaded channel groups:

Add new groups:

A more extensive list of free streams from Free-TV on github:

New group added:

Playing a radio station from the new group (no new window required):

Searching by keyword (exact name or an included word):

Playing TV station (opens new window):

Can I just say:


P.S. I also use FreetuxTV to stream from my Raspberry Pi 4B to my TV. Works great!

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Is this a flatpak or a regular app?

You can find it in PureOS Store:

Just installed it from command line:

root@librem5:~# apt-get install freetuxtv


Or without being logged in as root just sudo apt install. :slight_smile:


Correction: “bm818-tools” should be in lower case.

It’s nice to have it working. I had it running on different linux machines over the years. But is there anything on?!

I installed it and loaded three different playlists, but they all seem to be outdated and mostly empty.

(Besides the one mentioned above. I found two others. Check for yourselves:

Is anybody still working on these playlists?
Would it be possible to get rid of all the dross?

Why is there no decent clock/alarm app?!

The clocks app that comes with the L5 does not fit the screen very well, and - more importantly - it does not offer the possibility to pick a custom wake-up sound.
The gtk clock app that is also in the store, does offer custom ringtones, and it fits the screen better than the gnome clock app. So, it would appear to be the better option, were it not for the fact that the dialog for picking a sound does not show the file system, because the window in which it should appear is only one line high.

Does anybody know an alternative?

Clock from KDE: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.] (I not tested it, only read about it here)

Check out this

Ah, thanks! I will look into that.

Specially because I ended up uninstalling and re-installing gnome clocks, and discovered that the ‘new’ version does fit the screen. This is somewhat strange because I check for updates on a daily basis, and I do remember clocks being updated not so long ago.

Probably because the pre-installed version is from the repo and your newly installed one from Flathub?

You could well be right: It is from the flatpak.

(Like a lot of apps, it still wont scroll when in landscape orientation, though.)

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Wake Mobile. It can sound an alarm even if the phone is in suspend. Not too many features but works very well as a simple alarm clock app.

It is not in Purism’s repos but might be a flatpak or have a deb file you can download.


Best to do any related discussions in other dedicated threads. Thanks.


The Matrix client Element for Debian works well with actually two downsides.

On desktop I can reduce the size of room list to a minimum. On Librem 5 it seems not to recognize touch input on drag&drop to change this size. It takes 50% of screen and it may can be changed with mouse input (have no docking station yet). This way the chat is a bit too small. On landscape view it is much better.
It also takes a lot of RAM (close to 300MB in my case).

So what is the point? Chatty works nice for simple messages (and I wouldn’t use anything else just for that). For all other functionalities we need other clients and Element is definitely an alternative. However, I haven’t done any call yet. But I also don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

So in another words it doesn’t work well.


As an obligatory thing, tried Doom :smiley: The flatpak ChocolateDoom to be precise.

Graphics and game work great. Controls… swipes simultaneously move and shoot, which is bad for ammo. The default/US layout of touchkeyboard maps s forwards, v and u to turn and x back. Some other keys on other layouts do other stuff. An added difficulty level, “insanity” :wink:

Somewhat of a milestone, playable although not perfect. Maybe we need a gaming layout for Sqeek?