List of Default Packages

Hey all,

I was curious, is there a list somewhere of the default packages that are included for PureOS on a Librem 14 by chance?

Reason I ask is because I had a program that I installed from apt repo that ended up installing 150 other packages and when I removed it and ran autoremove (which was a mistake) it took out more than the 150 dependencies it installed. I wanted to be sure I have all the default PureOS packages installed without having to format and reload from the OEM USB.

Thanks (if there is no list, please don’t take the time to make one. I was just curious if a list was already available online somewhere)

You can make that list yourself by downloading the Byzantium ISO and installing it in a virtual machine. Then enter the command sudo dpk -l > default_pkgs in the terminal of the virtual machine.

Then copy the default_pkgs file to your normal installation (through a shared folder or internet) and then do the following commands in the terminal of your normal installation:
sudo dpk -l > current_pkgs
diff default_pkgs current_pkgs

That will give you a list of the packages that are different in your normal installation and the virtual machine.

If you don’t want to deal with the virtual machine, then you can mount the ISO and unsquash the file system and then use a find command to get a list of the .deb files, but that is more complicated. See:

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I appreciate the reply.

Yeah, I’m aware of that method but if I’m going to end up installing PureOS in a VM then I may as well just reinstall PureOS directly onto the laptop.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.