List of Entities Owned by Facebook

Oh hey, a convenient list of companies and services owned by Facebook, all in one place…in case, ya know, anyone might want to ban their scripts from running in all their browsers and on mobile.

I was browsing just now and found a site that would not display unless I enabled a script from, which, it turns out, is now owned by Facebook. From Wikipedia:

In November 2020, Facebook, Inc. announced that it planned to purchase the customer-service platform and chatbot specialist startup Kustomer to promote companies to use their platform for business. It has been reported that Kustomer valued at slightly over $1 billion.[71] The deal was closed in February 2022 after regulatory approval.

If, like me, you enjoy the game of privacy-protection-whack-a-mole, you can bookmark the list above and add to your boycott list over time.


Facebook reminds me of the Langoliers in a strange way… but gobbling up privacy instead of lazy folk.
Thanks for the list.

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