Listening to music with lollypop over a WebDAV/Nextcloud mount - experiences (on the go)

I got the phone over a week ago. First I wanted to make my music library available on go.
Therefore configured Online Accounts with my Nextcloud having my media files.

My Nextcloud is hosted at my home and accessible via a Dyn-DNS provider having a public FQDN.
In Online Accounts I configured the public FQDN.

My Firewall has NAT-reflection configured. All requests to Nextcloud public FQDN will be re-directed to my local Nextcloud not leaving my Network while I am connected to my local LAN/Wifi.

So, in theory, I thought I can start listening my music at home while I prepare to go outside.
Once out it should transit to mobile network and proceed playing music.

It does not!

Lollypop hangs and is not kill able by swiping up. It returns like a boomerang.

To listen to music again, I have to open Files, un-mount the busy WebDAV/Nextcloud mount.
Most of the times Lollypop exits then on it”s own with a WebDAV error.
Then i mount it again, I open Lollypop and jump to the position of the song it has stopped before.

It also happens on the go, when I am i.e. in a grocery store, in some corner with bad mobile network.

Music stops suddenly and i have to do the above exercise.

How to proceed from here to get Gnome’s webDAV(gvfsd-dav) resilient against network transitions and bad networks? So that it does not hangs together Lollypop?

Sounds like it’s time for a flat, extended mesh network. Tailscale? I’ve given it some thought, but I haven’t even had time to setup NextCloud yet.

No clue about mesh networks.

Next, I will try to tunnel through OpenVPN so that if the connection is bad, it doesn’t get off right away.
Big downside, it costs extra battery!

It would be better to get WebDAV, CalDAV, ContactDAV mobile ready!
No idea how to get this done?

You could try Wireguard instead. It’s faster and does not use nearly as much resources as OpenVPN. It’s perfectly suitable for mobile devices.

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You could try a different media player to see if one buffers more to account for network hiccups better.

Personally I run plex and that works well for me as far as transition between networks. Being as it plays through the browser I’ve been less than impressed on the buffering front, hopefully as the browsers improve they will get to be much more performant on the L5. I personally find Gnome web, Firefox, and Chromium to all be… less than ideal, performance wise.

I simply sync my music folder on my NAS at home when the phone is home and just have a honking big sd card on my L5 to store music. Seeing as the L5 has power issues at the moment, having the data stream constantly going will also drain your battery faster. With the nextcloud desktop client installed it does the syncing for me automatically. I use it for my password file as well so all my devices sync when they connect to my nextcloud instance at home.


well, my music library is > 115GByte. Syncing with a big SD Card could be an option.

But, music on the go is currently on ice since i got bluetooth stuttering. see: Bluetooth stuttering

If I understand it right you mount your nextcloud / webDAV storage to your L5’s filesystem and then pointing your player to these files. What about directly point the player to the remote files. I don’t know what protocols lollypop supports (if any). I think VLC supports at least SSH.

I remember vagualy that I mounted my server’s files to my android device with GhostCommander and then playing the locally visible files with VLC. That was a very bad experience because the playback was extremely slow, stuttering and unreliable. Then I connected VLC directly to the server and it worked well.

I don’t know the exact cause of the problem from the first approach. Must been either a difference in file access or buffering. I did not dive into the bluetooth-stuttering-thread but theoretically the stuttering may be caused by the remote access instead of bluetooth.

in Lollypop i have set the WebDAV mount as music collection (the scan took very long, BTW).
The very same NFS mount that is exposed by Nextcloud/WebDAV (via External storage) i have also mounted at the Phone. Same stutter as playing locally stored music.

The stuttering bluetooth sound is not related to the transport! That’s for sure.

and as long this is not fixed it makes absolutely no sense to test different transport like Wireguard, like epinez mentioned.

Nextcloud music app is able to stream as ampache or subsonic server out of the box. Maybe that’s a way for you to keep listening to music, provided you find a music app for the L5 that supports ampache/sublime. Maybe Sublime Music works?

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Most gnome and flatpak apps on gnome i have noticed the same behavior for the last year of using the phone. When switching between different network connection types Wifi, to WWAN and vice/versa some apps simply don’t re-connect. Closing the app and restarting sometimes helps, sometimes toggling the HKS for the network currently connected to works, sometimes you have to do both. Sometimes i have to re-connect to a network toggling the HKS, and toggle VPN a few times before the connection is back up and running. Firefox ESR seems to work without restarting the app, on reloading the page most of the time (but it doesn’t reload automatically). Maybe some of those issues are resolved once Debian 12 is adopted with a newer version of the NetworkManager, and ModemManager that has tons of bug fixes in it since the 3.38 version releases.

thx for the suggestions.
i have a Sony WH-1000XM4 around-ear headphone. a superb piece of technics, btw.
unfortunately i got a stuttering sound over bluetooth with my Librem 5. it used to work initially, but now it’s horrible stuttering. Some bluetooth WPAN issue?!

it does not makes any different how the music stream makes it to my device, the transport way is irrelevant.

Once this is sorted out, i’ll proceed checking for the most robust way streaming over bad mobile networks.

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