Little help in finding a Card reader 2-in-1 SD/MMC disk/drive>?>?

I have the Lib13 laptop, and I don’t have any experience with built-in card readers. So, could someone give me a link to what equipment that I need, to be able to use the card reader on my Lib13. I don’t really understand the duel use, do I need two different types of memory cards, or will one serve the purpose? If so, one or two, which ones do I need?
I have searched for and found information on a SD/MMC, but everything I find comes down to just an SD type of card and not much at all about the MMC card or disks that are needed to use this component on the laptop!!
I read many websites while searching for info and it seems that there are many
versions of the SD cards but not very much on are about the MMC card/disk!

I would really appreciate some link(s) to what I need on Amazon so I can purchase what’s needed, one disk/card or two different types, etc! Thanks in advance.fb

I don’t really understand your problem.
If you just want to store data, use a thumb drive.

A common use case for the card reader would be that you already have an SD card in your camera and now you can read it on the laptop.
Just insert, label upwards, and open a file manager.
You can’t really do much wrong. Insert the card, done.

In case you have a microSD card, insert it in an SD card adapter. Those are often sold together.


In my old notebook I very much used an sdcard, but it went completely inside the machine and could stay there during transport.

With the Librem13v4 the card does not slide in all the way and its use as an “external disk” from my point of view is less practical than a small usb stick.

What you need is just an sdcard or an micro sdcard with an sdcard adapter - like calinga already wrote.

MMC is not that common anymore, but the cards could be used also.

You can only connect one card at a time and you do not need both types of cards to use the slot.

I e.g. successfully tried a SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD XC I with an adapter to put it into the sdcard reader and it worked well. But as calinga wrote: Probably every intact sdcard you can buy will work.

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Hey Caliga, how about a little honey and less vinegar!

Everybody can’t be as wise as you are and know eveyrthing, you don’t have to necessary get involved when “you don’t really understand what peoples problems are”!

And not a thing you said states what a “MMC” is, or how to use it, or where I can get one!

So, Thanks for all the help, but no thanks! fb

Hm? It was just a bit unclear to me what your actual problem is. That meant to say, tell us more about what you want to achieve, then we can give you better advice. Both me and @ChriChri recommended SD over MMC and I added that if you don’t have a specific purpose to use an SD card, you might be better of with a thumb drive.

If that doesn’t help you, please add more details about what you actually want to achieve. :slight_smile:


Thanks ChriChri, for letting me know that the “MMC is not that common anymore,” was a big help. In fact that was what was creating the bulk of my so call problem, not being able to find good info on the “MMC” and how it fit into the picture when I’ve never have heard of it before getting the Lib13 laptop, and it having a SD/MMC reader on it.

I know what card readers are, like I have one that’s a USB stick that came with the memory card for my phone. Thanks for taking the time and filling me in!fb

Thanks Caliga, for coming back again, and “a bit unclear”, is much easier for me than “I don’t really understand your problem.”!
And thanks for recommending the SD over the MMC! Thanks again!fb

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The design for SD cards was derived from the design for MMC cards. I guess that’s why practically every full-size general-purpose card reader supports both formats.

It used to be quite common to find devices like mobile phones that supported only MMC cards and not SD cards, but now it seems that almost every new device has been standardised to use SD cards.


i’ve been quite surprised to find this online a few days ago

Internal interface M.2 (NGFF) / NVMe/PCIe / M key / B+M key

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I have one (not that exact make). Does work - although I found that on one older computer it only worked in a USB 2.0 port, not in a USB 3.0 port - so is by necessity obscenely slow on that computer considering what the underlying NVMe drive is capable of.

(I would expect that the enclosure only works for M.2 devices that are disks. I wouldn’t expect to insert an M.2 modem from your Librem 5 and have it work. LOL. Also probably only works when the M.2 disk is NVMe rather than one that uses SATA.)

How this relates to an SD/MMC card reader I don’t see?


it doesn’t obviously, but above it seemed like the OP was having trouble deciding his use case so i figured i’ll just link to THE fastest (portable) option since a usb thumb drive was also suggested.

i’ll throw the spoon in the corner now … ding-dong-ching


I understand now.

An easier (and more compact) portable option than a USB 3.1 enclosure for an M.2 NVMe drive is … a vanilla portable SSD with a USB 3.1 interface (or failing that with a USB 3.0 interface). That should outperform a random USB thumb drive - and outperform all but the absolute latest best SD cards (SDUC).