Lock Screen Settings / Options

I doubt anyone has asked or posted this.
I would like to know if I will be able to totally control what is displayed on the lock screen?
I don’t like the clock placement on most phones; it’s in the way anc covers my background picture. I don’t give a rats ass about the weather. Weather prediction is still in its infancy and I can easily look outside to see what it is currently. (Be prepared is all one really needs to do.)
I want to be able to keep any identifying info from ever popping on the screen. A simple messaging tone will be sufficient for me to know if I am receiving a call or text.

You sound like you would love slock from Suckless.

Is that an interface, program? Can you provide a link?
If this Librem 5 phone is to be what the user wants, then I have said my piece.
Customer choice is becoming a scarcity (a norm if you will) from te majority of corporations and / or businesses.


By the way, Dr.Lambda, I guess I am just a purism (pun intended) at heart.
I like clean, sleak, non-intrusive interfaces.
Btw, will it be possible to integrate this slock into the librem 5 phone?
And thanks for giving me the time of day and quite promptly I might add.

I like minimalism as well. Hence why I use slock on my laptop. But I am not sure if the L5 can use slock. I guess that if PureOS runs X11 then it probably can be made to do it.