Locked out of "my account" at puri.sm

When I enter my email address and password to get to “my account” on puri.sm I am greeted with a web page that says, “You are temporarily locked out”. I contacted support@pri.sm but they see no problem with my account.

This may sound a bit silly but… how many times did you try logging in? Multiple failed login attempts will lock you out, so if that’s the case, next time (when no longer on the temporary blocklist) try the “Forgot my password” feature to get a reset via email?

Yes, it was too many failed login attempts. Many websites do this, but usually you can get back in right away by resetting your password, as you suggest.

However, the puri.sm “Forgot my password” link took me to the same “you have been locked out” page. I was locked out for more than six hours shortly after pre-ordering and creating my account; this was more than a little disturbing, considering the proliferation of hacks, scams, viruses, etc.

So your suggestion wasn’t silly, but it was useless, as I’d already tried that multiple times, and it didn’t work.

Please fix this. The “Forgot my password” link should continue to work in a lockout situation caused by too many failed login attempts. I shouldn’t have to wait until the next day for access to be restored.

Sorry about that, might’ve gone a bit overboard with the security lockdown lately. For the time being I have at least set it to be more lenient (slightly higher amount of failed attempts allowed, and shorter ban times).

Hi Jeff,

I’m facing the problem with my account. Forgot password link takes me to the same error.
I’m sure that I didn’t enter a wrong password (using a password manager).

Was trying to order Librem 5, however, couldn’t because of this.

Thanks and regards,