Lockscreen widgets

What if you have an active call?

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Maybe they’re for that call waiting everyone’s looking for.

That’s it. Good thinking. Called my L5 and that screen popped up, active.

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Where do I enter emergency info for the Phosh lockscreen plugin?

Create a file with your emergency info, then save it as a PDF.

Create a folder in your home directory called phosh-ticket-box as described here: Lockscreen widgets

Add your PDF. You can have multiple PDFs in this folder; you’ll be able to choose and display any of them (one at a time) from the lockscreen.

Don’t forget to enable the Ticket box in the phosh Mobile Settings app.

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I think @tomoqv is talking about the new Lockscreen widgets which just show up in the last update.

The file where to add you emergency info is: ~/.config/phosh/EmergencyInfo.keyfile

The file format is given in emergency-info.c:

 * PhoshEmergencyInfo:
 * Show emergency information and contacts
 * Calling contacts is not supported
 * For now, you need to manually create a GKeyfile at
 * `~/.config/phosh/EmergencyInfo.keyfile` with contents looking like:
 * [Info]
 * # Emergency Info On the Owner
 * # If you do not add one of the items (or leave the item blank),
 * # the section will not display in the lockscreen.
 * OwnerName=Chris
 * # You can make a newline with \n
 * HomeAddress=Lorem ipsum\nLorem ipsum
 * DateOfBirth=1 Jan, 1970
 * PreferredLanguage=C, MATLAB
 * Age=10,000
 * BloodType=Lorem ipsum
 * Height=163 cm
 * Weight=74 kg
 * # You can add multiple and seperate by a ";"
 * Allergies=Lorem ipsum dolor 1;Lorem ipsum dolor 2
 * # You can add multiple and seperate by a ";"
 * MedicationsAndConditions=Lorem ipsum 1;Lorem ipsum 2
 * OtherInfo=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
 * [Contacts]
 * # You can add as many contacts as you want here
 * Contact 1=(123) 555-12;Brother
 * Contact 2=(204) 555-00
 * ```

Ah, OK. Thanks. I hadn’t even noticed that update.

Did the info on those come with the update (about needs to be done by hand, copying what’s on your message) was it posted somewhere?

I found them there https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/Phosh/phosh/-/tree/main/plugins/emergency-info

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I have added such a file to ~/.config/phosh but I am getting the format wrong, because no data shows on the lockscreen.

Is it supposed to start with [Info] or something else?
What should the end of the file look like?

I tried both as it looks above and with removing all the "* " and starting the file with just [Info]

Edit: Got it. I had managed to not remove the trailing spaces, now it works starting with [Info]. Thanks

Actually, I think I like my way better, because you can just display e.g. an alternate contact number (“if found, please text or call USA 1-###-###-#### or email…” or your blood type and medications) without having to read through all those perhaps mostly unused fields in the new EmergencyInfo screen. (Mostly unused, because some might find displaying personal data like that a security risk.)

In any case, a total stranger is probably not going to know how to access these hidden lockscreen items, so I consider the widgets to be solely for my own convenience, not for others’ use.

You can edit the unused fields away. Then again, the PDF does allow for more flexible info (pics too).
And then again, you could just tape an emergency contact info on the side, because nobody will be able to get to the info if it’s powered off and luks pw is needed.

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How did you get it to work? I can’t figure it out.

With the latest Mobile Settings app there is a cog wheel that enables you to enter this information without bothering with editing a file.

Does it work for you?!
After I type in the boxes and click ‘done’ it clears the fields.

  • Emergency info works through Phosh Mobile Settings App
  • Emergency info does not work through Phosh App

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In fact, I haven’t tried adding info through Mobile Settings, because I set it up before that functionality was available. Therefore, I will share my ~/.config/phosh/EmergencyInfo.keyfile:

# Emergency Info On the Owner
# If you do not add one of the items (or leave the item blank),
# the section will not display in the lockscreen.

OwnerName=My Name
# You can make a newline with \n
DateOfBirth=[Month] [Year]
PreferredLanguage=Swedish, English
Height=173 cm
Weight=74 kg
# You can add multiple and seperate by a ";"
# You can add multiple and seperate by a ";"

# You can add as many contacts as you want here
My Spouse=+46 70 XXXXX50;Spouse
My Son=+46 70 XXXXX40;Son
My Daughter=+46 73 XXXXX03;Daughter
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I changed one of the fields through Phosh Mobile Settings and it changed on the lock screen as well as in the file described above. Maybe the file needs to exist before you can change the value through the Mobile Settings?

It still is not working for me.

I think this is problem. I cannot get it to save in that

any ideas anyone?