Lockscreen widgets

Hey, look what @ChriChri discovered:

Stills, swiping from left on the lockscreen (calendar and tasks widgets):

The > icon returns you to the main lockscreen view.

Great work, devs!


Activate here, in the new phosh Mobile Settings app:


It’s cool that this is a thing now. Sadly I really like the tasks plugin but won’t use it as anyone who picks up the phone could look at it.


What would be nice is having the widgets on a hidden left or right screen beside the app grid after logging in.

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Presumably it is fine to show a vanilla calendar in this scenario i.e. show the calendar but not any appointments (events) that may have been recorded in the calendar.

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The calendar doesn’t reveal any info about stored events, and the only possible interaction (at present) is changing the month or year, or highlighting a day of the month (which doesn’t open anything or show anything apart from the highlighting, as depicted in my screenshot).

The tasks widget does show the names and times of upcoming events (example: Dr Appt, 11:00 to 12:00) through the next seven days, but does not (at present) show other details, such as location, reminders, repetition (even repetition through the next seven days for the same event), etc. There is also no interaction possible in the widget, only information display.

Tasks can be entered, edited, or deleted in the Calendar app only while logged in.

New addition to the Phosh Mobile Settings app; it now includes an experimental Ticket/PDF display for the lockscreen:

Will be very useful when traveling.


Yes, it is a great addition, but how do you add a pdf to show in this box? i can not find how…

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Good question! Maybe @guido.gunther can tell us.

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Put pdf’s in a folder named ~/phosh-ticket-box and they will be available from the lock screen.


Sweet! Thanks.
I had tried creating a folder named Tickets or Ticket Box, but that obviously didn’t work.
This is a very handy improvement.

Another idea:
Besides train/plane tickets and vaccination records, you could print any old file to .pdf, then have it available on the lockscreen. Example: grocery lists, printed navigation directions, a map image, etc.


I apologize for my ignorance, but I tried putting a folder named “phosh-ticket-box” in my home directory, put a PDF in there, and I get nothing on lockscreen in terms of a the PDF

Any help would be appreciated.

In my case, I think I had to uncheck, then recheck the Ticket box in the Phosh Mobile Settings app. (Also, make sure you spelled “phosh-ticket-box” correctly.)

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You don’t have to do that every time you add a PDF, do you?

No. Once the link to the folder is in effect, it should display all PDFs in that folder.

I see. If you have multiple files for some reason, does it squeeze them all into the same window?

You can only open one PDF at a time, and you can’t move or resize the open one to access a second one behind it:

Does it let you choose, then? That would be ideal, I think.

Yes, you just tap the one you want to open; close it with the “x” if you want to open another one from the contents of the phosh-ticket-box folder that you created in the home directory and populated with PDFs.



If you double-click the > symbol (top left), you get this screen:

(I changed my background to the default so you can see it better.)

These buttons are not active, however.