Login screen not appearing

Today, when I restarted my Librem 14 laptop, the usual login screen is not appearing after I decrypted the disk.

The error appearing is below:

firmware: Failed to load i915/kb1_dmc_ver1_04

Now I am just seeing a login prompt on the command line. I can login that way so can run commands to fix this, just need to know what to do?

Any idea how I can fix this issue?


The firmware “error” is unrelated. Since PureOS does not ship any firmware this error occurs but does not cause any issues, the DMC firmware is optional and not required for proper operation.

So your problem is somewhere else.


Note correct spelling: kbl_dmc_ver1_04

which would then get lots of hits searching this forum, but it’s a red herring. It just happens to be the last message output before things go bad.

Probably best to go through troubleshooting by contacting support@puri.sm