Login should identify site

The Discourse login modal should be customised with the Purism name and/or logo.

As it stands today, the dialog box prompts for username and password but is otherwise sparse with information about what you are logging in to, while the web page behind it is obscured (but not completely invisible) thus obscuring this information.

Where this can be troublesome is if the forum user is in the process of logging in, having got the dialog box up, but then before typing anything gets interrupted.

In some respects this is analogous to the web browser’s built-in Basic authentication dialog box, where the “realm” should always be displayed on the dialog box by the browser.


Another way that this is troublesome is … as Discourse becomes more popular, the user can be using two or more web sites that all use Discourse. So the blandness of the user interface for the dialog box could lead to the credentials being entered into the wrong web site, presenting security and/or privacy issues.


Already happened to me.

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I hope you then changed your password on the site whose password you accidentally leaked.


I’m saying this with the best of intentions: that’s what the URL bar is for, in your browser, isn’t it?

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Using Firefox on the L5, only the “h” in https is visible. Nada mas.

I was not aware of that… hmm. I wonder if that’s something that can (And should!) be fixed in the Firefox UI. I remember being able to see a larger part of the URL when using Firefox on the pinephone with Mobian, but the Mobian project (and Manjaro ARM?) have a package that applies some configs to firefox to make it more mobile-friendly…

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You are correct – I even checked my old Mobian Pinephone just now to be sure that it was still true. It is, I can see the “u” in puri.

Firefox may be the only thing I like better on the Pinephone. Controls at the bottom of the screen, better scaling, no flickering menus – all better on Mobian than L5. It would be a HUGE improvement if Purism could duplicate this.

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While you can wait on Purism, I’m pretty sure you can take whatever Mobian and postmarketOS (not Manjaro) are doing and reproduce it. AFAIK in Mobian it’s a single deb package that applies those policies system-wide, to Firefox.


Has instructions to apply it manually.

Fair point but …

Before you press “log in”, the forum home page is on the window, and it probably has an instantly recognisable logo on it, and yes the address bar should have the corresponding URL.

Then you press “log in”, the login modal “dark greys out” the whole forum home page, including the instantly recognisable logo. So you go from “easy” to “hard”. The address bar may be relatively small and/or truncated - depending on the exact browser and the exact config and the platform.

So for me this is a usability issue, an issue of how likely the user experience is to go south - even though yes technically the URL may be there the whole time.

Fair enough!

I don’t have my Librem 5 yet, but just tried it on my PinePhone. Can see logo and URL no problem. I wonder how different on the Librem 5 (will find out soon…)

I was actually thinking in the OP more about desktop / laptop (than phone).

You don’t know how bright someone’s screen is, and how reliable the colour rendition is.

Edit: PS or what colour adjustment has been intentionally applied (e.g. NightShift), or what theme the user has applied. I guess also it’s an accessibility issue for someone whose eyesight is diminished.

The bottom line is that the modal window is intentionally obscuring information that you need in order to complete the login process. That just seems like poor UX design. No one here is going to fix that (the underlying issue) but it can potentially be worked around by customising the login window, just to restore the logo.