Login to purism forums fails with 403 code and "BAD CSRF" in the json body of the response

dear purism forum folk,

i am using firefox 91.8.0esr on two different computers. on my librem 13 running debian i have no trouble logging in to this site (forums.puri.sm). on my librem 14 running pureos byzantium, i have trouble with my usual profile but no trouble if i make a fresh firefox profile (which is how i am sending this message). here are the symptoms of the failure:

  1. i click on “Log In”. up pops the login dialog. i enter my username and password. i click on “Log In”.
  2. a pink bar appears near the top of the login dialog that goes all the way across the dialog. there is black text in the bar saying “Unknown error”.
  3. the only thing i can do is dismiss the dialog and then i am back to the site but not logged in.
  4. in the browser console there is a failed POST request to https://forums.puri.sm/session. the response code is 403 forbidden. the response body is the json string “BAD CSRF”.

by the way, the strangest part is that a successful login (e.g., the one i am using now) shows a POST request to https://forums.puri.sm/login, and no request to https://forums.puri.sm/session at all.

pictures below. help?

Screenshot from 2022-04-22 20-39-39 Screenshot from 2022-04-22 20-40-04 Screenshot from 2022-04-22 20-40-16

I had a typo putting the URL on the address bar this morning. I put puril.sm and got a 404, Then I realized it was all about me.

CSRF is explained at the link. This is an attempt to protect you but something may have gotten confused.

For starters, you should look through browser settings and compare between the working computer and the non-working computer. On the non-working computer it may also help to clean out all the cruft i.e. cached content, logins, cookies, history, …