Logitech MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse

Will these keyboard and mouse “just work” without any proprietary drivers with Librem 14 and Debian Linux?

(Sorry for asking such a boring device-specific question, but these devices particular happen to be ultra-popular so I imagine the answers will be useful to many people.)

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It may help to link to the product.

If it’s a USB device using the HID interface, it is very likely to work with any Linux.

If it’s a wireless device using a USB unifying receiver exposing the HID interface, ditto. (I’m using this and it even works in BIOS.)

Do you own such a device? If so, you want lsusb -v output for the device. You can also just use the USB vendor id and product id to search the internet to see whether anyone has commented on it as far as Linux compatibility goes.

The only way that anyone could warrant that it does “just work” would be if that person had gone out and bought the device and tested it.

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Will it “just work” as a keyboard and mouse, yes. Will the more “advanced” features like copy/paste across devices and the utility to modify what buttons do what, less likely.

I use plenty of Logitech devices as HID with free drivers without issue. But customizing buttons I’ve always done from windows.


same issue as with using SteelSeries products … under GNU/Linux they work fine but you don’t have access to the firmware configuration options that you do under a M$/Win system (you can use a VM for that though)

the thing to note though is that once you freshly install the config-sw/drivers under windows it resets the device firmware to factory-default (so custom light effects from the last firmware sync go down the drain if you had them “onboard” the device and not saved elsewhere)

we need manufacturers to start offering their config. software to Linux to too …