Lollypop doesn't scan for music on SD card

I’ve set the default as Memory Card for my music collection, but Lollypop frequently returns “Scan disabled.”

And then, sometimes it does find it…as happened just now as I was writing this!

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P.S. FYI, there’s a control called Reset collection in the music preferences. What that actually means is Delete collection according to some instructions I found online. (Thankfully, I didn’t delete mine.)

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I’m also now wondering if audacious and/or VLC work on the L5 for music?

I tried installing VLC just to see how it scales… Not well enough to use yet.

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Shame that Banshee was more or less abandoned.

Banshee still works fine for me on Linux Mint…

Would Rythmbox scale well?

Doubtful, considering all the frames and controls in applications like this. And most non-adaptive apps don’t scroll completely on the L5, so you can’t reach everything. Most also don’t allow you to drag left or right to view the parts you can’t see.

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Which version of Lollypop? 1.4.5?

VVave from KDE Maui project might work


@amarok did you try your ancestor fork ? ‘clementine’ :wink:

I would expect it to work fine in landscape (maybe not great in vertical mode)

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Just installed it, but it fails to launch.

Damn, I hope it’s just a missing lib, thx for the test !


Where are you up to with this? You are a couple of months ahead of me.

I set the location as the top of the uSD card. What I really wanted to do is set it to a subdirectory of it but I couldn’t work out how to do that??

I wonder whether Reset collection actually resets some kind of metadata that Lollypop maintains in respect of the directories that it has scanned. I don’t think it deletes actual music files. At least it didn’t for me??

I wonder whether it takes some time to do an initial scan when you hit it with a uSD card’s worth of music. It seemed baulky and unresponsive, and then suddenly it was working.

Other than I don’t know what I’m doing (maybe I should install Lollypop on my desktop first), it seems to be working “OK”. I can scroll through albums and then scroll through tracks, and play a track. I’m not asking for much more than that.

Fumbling around I managed to get this to work. So I’m sure it’s PEBKAC, or whatever is the touchscreen equivalent.

I did it. In Preferences, Music tab, collection drop down menu, select “Other”, and then the SD card. You can browse the folders. Just it isn’t much responsive, so you need to tap multiple times in order to make a folder open.

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I really like Lollipop, but its cataloging back end is really clunky and causes the program to crash frequently. I think if it would let you control when you just want to import music, and when you want it doing stuff to make suggestions and playlists available, it would help not waste so much CPU and make the app far more stable.

I don’t say any of this to take away from the program or paint it in a bad light.

That said, I am curious how Museek works on the L5. My guess is, that won’t scale properly.

That is why sdcards are better to be formatted in ext4. Because if an app refuses to scan the sdcard you can always create a link from the main disk to a folder on the card and make the app think it scans the main disk.

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Seemed like VLC was working ok from thread here I was reading. It certainly functions as a more than adequate music player and it’s the only music player I actually use on my spy phone.