Long time NO see!

My order [Order #Purism_3643217930] (December 22, 2020) is the longest I have waited for any of the millions of dollars worth of items have purchased over the last twenty or so years.
Any realistic delivery date available or should I just credit and for get it? Electronics get out of date - sync very quickly these days and I might be better of looking at newer stuff.

It’s a collectors item already, adds value when times pass by. :smile:

As the software improves while waiting, you’ll get a better product when it arrives.

PS My order is from September 2018 and I’m patiently waiting.


Best guess based on what information we have. New phones should start shipping in October.
For December 2020 order, Purism currently says Late 2021 to early 2022. Based on Purism’s tendency to promise early, deliver late, I would guess Between Jan-April 2022.

Granted I don’t work for purism. However, on the comment of technology getting out of date, you won’t find a more up to date linux phone than the Librem 5.

edit: Purism estimate source: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5/


I give it a bit more time,chk again in Q2
Noticed the PGP option. Useless unless it is for non government protection.An acquaintance of mine works in high crypto gov. position smiled and said “Minutes” when I mentioned PGP.
Nothing is secret any more, so no need to go overboard trying to hide. It is all a numbers game.

Thats nothing…I placed my order in Oct of 2017…

Thats nothing…I placed my order in October 6, 2017 :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jan2 the phone will soon be traded like gold for its rarity of existence in the free wild :money_mouth_face:

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