LOOaaS to be considered?

Not sure if this is the right space to post this question, but the recent slew of services being provided to Purism customers has made me curious as to whether anything related to LibreOffice Online (LOO) would be eventually provided or is currently being considered?

In truth, I don’t know much about LibreOffice Online or how that gets rolled-out or implemented, but seeing the new services being offered, I thought it might be something Purism could offer as well (not right away, obviously; just an idea).

I can’t say if there’s a good reason for bringing this on (or investing in this) aside from the collaborative aspect that it could enable—and it’d be nice to show up MS/Google.

Does anyone know if this is being discussed or considered? If not… I guess we can start here. :sweat_smile:

P.S. - I apologize if there’s already something like this running. I only looked at LibremOne products.


LibreOffice Online currently is only suitable for home use, according to its web site, which is why it currently displays a warning when there are more than 10 concurrent documents and/or more than 20 connections at a time. See:

Handling thousands of connections at once is really hard to implement. You should ask Collabora which is doing the programming for LOO when they think LOO will be ready for wide-scale use like Google Docs.

I would love to see it, since I detest Google Docs, but it looks like it will be a long time before it is ready. They have been working on this for years.


That sounds awesome. It’s a progress in the making then–which is still awesome.

I’ll try to look out for updates on that. :slight_smile:

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