Looking for 2 hours training on librem 5. Will pay going rate

Just got the phone and am lost. Need help with several areas.

I can be reached at mitchman1@pm.me


I’m sure anyone here, including Purism’s staff, would be glad to help with your questions without charge. Why not post here? We’re all very patient at explaining even basic stuff.

You should first review some of the introductory videos from Purism’s main site, though. Page back through these: https://puri.sm/news/
Besides general news from Purism, there are instructional/introductory videos.

Also see: https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_5.html


It’s not a bad idea, to have that available. Forum can only do so much compared to one on one (people are different types of learners, have different preferences for interaction and problems may be solved faster). And it’s not wrong to get paid for a service. But I also note that between these (forum and suport posts vs. one-on-one via remote video) there is also a gap: video tutorials (just as a hint, if someone is looking for something to do).