Looking for a Podcast Manager

No, the gPidder downloads directory is there, the downloaded podcasts are there and they play fine with the installed media players.

Somehow I missed this post back in the day. If you peek at the screenshots I posted you can see there is no hamburger menu in this version of gPodder.

Thanks for bothering in any case.

I use gPodder on my Librem 5 daily. While these patches don’t make it adaptive, the patches I host in this repository do modify gPodder so it fits well on the Librem 5 screen:


Yes!! Those patches work on my Pinephone! One step closer to daily driver.

Can’t wait for my Evergreen!

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Works for me too, thanks.

@lads The hamburger menu is visible in landscape mode with the default layout, or by default with Kyle’s patches.

What app do you recommend to play files downloaded by gpodder?

I’ve moved on from gPodder, mainly because my podcast listening is now mainly while I’m driving. I find it’s too much hassle to do that with general media players like MPV, VLC or Clapper, because they don’t save my place in the podcast if I am interrupted.

I find Gnome Podcasts and Kasts to be the best. Both are a little buggy, but very usable. Gnome Podcasts is easier to read/operate while driving. I found them both as flatpaks.

I use Lollypop for this. Just go into settings and choose the directory where the podcast files are. Works great.

As Photon mentioned it, but nobody added a link yet, let me recommend again another alternative for downloading (and playing) podcasts: Kasts from KDE: https://apps.kde.org/kasts/
It is available as flatpak and I used it on my Librem 5 for a while.

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How well does Kasts work o the L5? On Pinephone Mobian, the goes all blinky/freezy after a while.

I cannot use mobile interface (sudo flatpak override --env=QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_MOBILE=1 org.kde.kasts) it crashes on startup. But non mobile interface works fine, if you know that you can access to settings menu swiping the settings windows.

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Has anybody found a resolution for this? Kasts 23.01 from Flathub still defaults to the desktop view on the L5, and forcing it to use mobile (with the ENV var) causes a crash.

I’m using Kasts no problem on my phone. I didn’t change anything and it works for the small screen.

How you installed it?

PureOS store…flatpak.

I’m trying to avoid flatpak apps.

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I know I do when I can as well, but it seems almost unavoidable.

@raenrfm does your interface look like (a) desktop view:

or (b) mobile view:


I’m getting (a) - the desktop view, and would much prefer (b).

Yes I’m getting the desktop view…didn’t know there was an alternative…

When I tried it a couple of months ago, it was was desktop view.