Looking for caldav and carddav

I need caldav and carddav to synchronize my calendar and contacts.

Any suggestions for caldav and carddav for PureOS?


Yeah, go to your account settings and add online account, your contacts and calendars will be synchronized to your GNOME desktop.

I run my own server, and I don’t see how to add that to “Online Accounts” in Settings.

What’s the server?


It’s my own server, not one of the “branded” servers in the Accounts list. What I’ve seen on other systems, e.g. Mac OS, is there are generic CalDAV and CardDAV accounts which can be configured. Here’s a screen grab of the Apple Mac OS accounts setup:


That’s what I need, but apparently Gnome does not have that feature.

I read on another forum that the only way to use “generic” CalDAV and CardDAV with a non-branded server in Gnome is Evolution, which I have installed and successfully configured on my Librem 13 running PureOS.

If you are looking for caldav+carddav server to host it locally you could go with radicale:


radicale is

  • GPLv3 (free and libre)
  • python based
  • can track all changes in a local Git repository (full change history!)
  • is easy to install
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This may help someone, but not me. I’m looking for a CalDAV/CardDAV client, not a server.

I already have a server for email, calendar, and contacts. Unfortunately, Gnome on PureOS does not support CalDAV/CardDAV for unbranded servers, only brand-name online severs like Google, Microsoft, and OwnCloud. I’m looking for something like “CalDAV account” and “CardDAV account” as seen in the Apple Mac OS screenshot above.

I am not fond of Evolution’s “Outlook clone” approach, but it is working for me and appears to be the only viable solution right now. I’d prefer to have CalDAV/CardDAV support for unbranded servers so I could use the standalone email, calendar, and contacts that come with Gnome instead of being restricted to Evolution for the functionality I need.

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I’m using thunderbird for own-hosted caldav (sabre). It works quite well. Not using gnome or other desktop environments so no idea whether it integrates somehow somewhere.
carddav using mostly on the phone, have no need having it on the laptop.

I looked for/ would like the card/ caldav option as well, and could not also not find it as part of gnome/ pureos. I have added my accounts in Thunderbird (with CardBook and Lightning add-ons). Works ok there, but would definitely be nicer if we could add them in gnome (similarly to osx)

Evolution PIM supports CalDAV and CardDAV.

But why are CalDAV and CardDAV accounts not included in native “Accounts”?

Because these “Accounts” are handled in GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), a user facing interface to add and remove these accounts, which is an upstream project developed by the GNOME project, and GOA does not yet added support for CalDAV and CardDAV.

This issue has been raised with GOA developers, and it can be tracked here:


I use Sogo for my calendar and contacts. I cannot start using my newly received Librem 5 before I am able to access my contacts and calendar. So for me this is a blocking issue.

There was opened a pull-request 6 month ago:

Is there anything that can be done to get this pull-request through?

Flatpak is not my preferred solution, but there is this calendar app: https://flathub.org/apps/details/codes.loers.Karlender

It does support caldav. Maybe that can be a workaround for you.


Thank you for the reply. I connected to an external monitor and installed Evolution with apt and added it through that. But a more user friendly option is needed.

I am willing to do some work on getting this options in gnome-online-accounts, but the Gnome projects do not look to eager to get this inn. What can you then do?

Correction. I did get a reply on the PR, and the Gnome project seem willing to do something about this.


If you have a dock, that is another possible alternative, but also not user friendly. If you have control of the caldav server another alternative is to lie in your nginx configs and pretend that your caldav server is a nextcloud server.

But this is also not exactly user friendly.

But I am glad that this is getting some work in upstream.

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