Looking for KeepassXC v2.4.0

I recently switched to KeepassXC on PureOS and MX Linux. I’d like to use Keeshare to sync passwords between these two systems. This would give me everything nice about those commercial password managers without worrying about private equity funds.


says that this version contains Keeshare in it. Nice! Released 25 Mar 2019. Will it be coming to PureOS anytime soon? PureOS is on v2.3.4 and does not contain Keeshare. Do I need to request an update? I’d like to stay in the PureOS repo system.

I recently just upgraded to PureOS Byzantinum (see here) and have KeepassXC 2.4.3 installed now (just checked). I remember that this was not the case before upgrading, but don’t pin me down on exactly what version I had, I think v2.3.4 sounds about right…
Also: the blog post you are referring to is from about a year ago, so not that current.

You can always add one specific repo or simply install from source…

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Are we all going, eventually, to Byzantium? As far as I can tell from that thread, Byzantium is like Debian testing and not as stable as what I am using now (amber).

Keyshare seems to nice, but just use nextcloud and sync the database file. Viola! KeePass on every device you own and in sync.