Looking for L5 babyphone

Just became aware that I’d need a babyphone - preferably running on the Librem5.

  • should call a predefined number when average noise level is above a treshold for a defined time
  • fine if the L5 has to run on a power connection to have it running
  • alarm (sms and/or call) if battery power goes below a certain treshold
  • optional: regulary call/sms as proof of functioning
  • gui and icon so that non tech savy people can use it and would like to use (high “paf” - “partner acceptance factor”)

Looked around and found https://github.com/bachmmmar/babyPhone with similar functionality.

Does anybody know any project that is closer to what I’m looking for?

Anybody else looking for a babyphone? Anybody willing to invest time? I’m learning python, did some perl and bash. And I have a testing environment at hand :wink:

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I think I remember people interacting with calls+sms via command-line. If that works, you could try to write a bash script, although I wouldn’t know how to write the necessary interface with the microphone or battery to get noise and power levels.

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Not full on topic, but wouldn’t it be significantly cheaper if you take a small board (like Raspberry Pi) and an USB LTE Modem?

May be you find also usable guides there?


Maybe. But I do not carry around something like that and for me it is cheaper to use what I carry in my pocket anyway (beside the fun and cost to make a little program to do what I’m looking for - but there’s still hope that this already exists somewhere).

I know that it is possible to interact with calls and chatty, it is open source ;-). Do not have any idea if bash is the right tool.

Added “paf” to my list… :wink:

“paf”? I’m not familiar with that one.

“partner acceptance factor”

In the 60s it used to be “waf” - “wife acceptance factor”, but with the corrected role models it became “partner” instead of “wife” - obviously ;-).

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I’m a little confused by this. If the monitor is running on the Librem 5 then you aren’t carrying it around. So it might need clarification as to whether the environment here is two Librem 5 phones or something else. It probably would make more sense to use a Pi as the monitoring device.

Anyway, if you are prepared to accept alarm-via-email instead of SMS or call then this bullet point is easy (and less demanding of technology). Even alarm-via-SMS (if using a Librem 5) is readily doable (refer Community Wiki). Alarm-via-call might be harder.

I think that you would need to have the Librem 5 on mains power. Therefore any alarm would be a rare scenario i.e. mains power out for an extended period of time (> 8 hours?) while you yourself remain away for a similarly long period of time.

But OK you want to cover your bases.

My Librem 5 speaks to me when the battery is low. Just using a cron job for that.

Do you actually have a testing environment available or will it become available in the near future? :wink:

When you get time, can you share your script in the forum? I’ve been trying different options, unsuccessfully, to accomplish that.