Looking for replacement parts

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for some replacement parts for my librem 13 v3:

  • Fan is making a weird noise and I wish to replace it
  • Bottom cover got damaged (I guess that one, if available must come from Purism itself)
  • Battery (for later procurement, current one works just fine).

Thanks in advance for sharing your links and tips on this,

For the battery:
Do a quick search on this forum to find out the article no. and description to buy that on ebay or similar.
Got posted several times already. :slight_smile:

The battery I got it while doing searches on the forum, thanks.
Still looking for the fan reference though.
For the case I emailed ops@puri.sm, I expect that anyway only themselves would be able to ship that specific piece of hw.

Would be helpful to provide a link (or the information).

The reference I found for the battery while looking on the forum is TU131-TS63-74

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@mladen @joao.azevedo would you happen to have some reference for the fan you could kindly share here? Thanks in advance