Looking for u_boot_version=2019.04-g17a6c2261c

I have two L5. One has the most recent version of u_boot (2022.10) and has an issue with the Wifi HKS. The other is my daily driver and does not have this issue. It runs an ancient version of u_boot:


Both run the same recent kernel. Where could I find the package of this old version to see if the issue is triggered by the u_boot.


Thanks for this question - I just noticed a bug in this commit :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello @dos, is there a *.deb package of this for the L5? Thanks

You can build one yourself, either locally or via GitLab CI.

Alternatively, you can use a deb from https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/uboot-imx/-/jobs/377751 - although it’s from one commit later, that commit isn’t relevant to WiFi so should still serve your purpose.

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I’ve just decided to take another approach and upgraded my u-boot-librem5_2022.10. After related download and before executing sudo dpkg -i … I’ve enabled every HKS:

After sudo systemctl reboot I disabled every HKS and needed to enter WiFi passwd again (reentering WiFi password probably necessary).

What do you mean exactly with “enabled every HKS”, put it in to position ON or OFF, i.e UP or DOWN?

And, do you want to say that the position of the Wifi-HKS while installing the u-boot software has some influence about the problem?

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Actually putting every HKS DOWN is exactly what I mean (as used within my brain). Such answer from my side, just while I’ve already noticed that different languages/environments apply different logic to what is ON or OFF. Just while for us in Europe ON means providing electricity, does not have meaning of disabling contacts/power (two cents from my side).

I do not know (just extra precaution added from my side), but reinstalling of PureOS recommends not to have Modem, WiFi, and Camera under power during reflash.

Also and as #404420 update refers to wifi-hack directly, @angus.ainslie is the one that worked on needed correction, as @dos pointed out in one of his posts here/above.