Looking to buy devkit for Monero GUI developer

Hello! I’m xmrscott, a minor contributor to Monero, a FLOSS project focused on private, digital cash that’s been around for several years. One of our regular GUI contributors, dsc, mentioned a couple of days ago on freenode #monero-gui interest in getting a dev-kit to play around with in their free time to explore potentially creating the GUI for mobile GNU+Linux so I figured I’d try to help and see if I can buy a secondhand one off someone. I got dsc’s ok to ask.

I talked with Dorota in the dev-kit Matrix room and Purism doesn’t have any spares they can sell us, so I’m turning here to the forums in the off chance someone is willing to sell theirs. If you have any questions let me know! :slight_smile:

As a GUI developer you don’t need any dev kits and boards, it is just a pure waste of resources and money.
Look here:
And more specifically here:


As suggested, I think it’s probably best to start with pure software environments unless you really need some hardware features - maybe you are thinking about the smartcard? At a later point, closer to the phone’s release, it may be easier to find someone who will part with their devkit.

If you really, really need a devkit, it might be worth directly approaching people who are vocal about having devkits but are not using them for whatever reason. I seem to remember that there were a few people who were frustrated with the lack of a working screen when the boards were shipped out. Maybe some of those have now reflashed their boards to make the screens work, but perhaps some of those people have moved on to other platforms already.