Loosing Internet Connection

I have been using a LIbrem 13 for 3 months. I have a problem loosing Internet connections. All of my devices will loose their connection. This just started happening since I started using my Li brem 13. I stopped using it for 2 weeks and didn’t have any problems with the Internet. Today I started using the device again and lost all my connectinsl I had to reboot my router several times before I was able to restore service. Any suggestions/ideas?

I assume you are talking about a WiFi connection from the laptop to the router. And WiFi from all other devices to the router?

Have you looked at the log (if any) on the router? Do the lights on the router give any indication of what is happening? (e.g. WLAN light off but otherwise everything normal or e.g. other lights off) Make/model of router?

Yes, I am referring to my WiFi connection to my laptop and all connected devies. All of the lights on the router are lit yet there is no Internet connection. I do not know how view the log. I lose the connection to my smart speaker, smart TV and LIbrem 13 all at the same time. This started as soon as I received my device. I first lost the connection during my initial setup.

Make/model of router? If there is a log, maybe someone can tell you how to view it.

My router is an Arris TM822

Not sure if this is correct:
12/27/2019 23:03 82000200 3 No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:1d:d0:27:3b:72;CMTS-MAC=2c:31:24:60:e8:ed;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;

I’m not familiar with that make/model of router. However that error looks like a “cable modem” error i.e. your internet is provided via cable. Right? If you had lots of those errors then it’s probably a problem, although unrelated to the laptop.

I suggest you attempt to determine whether you are actually losing connection to the internet or you are losing your local network. In other words, assuming that in the normal course of events some of your local devices communicate with each other, when you lose internet connection, can your local devices still communicate with each other?

If you know the IP address of each of your local devices and if you are comfortable with the Linux command line, just try to ping each of the other local devices from the laptop.

It may be helpful to note here whether the IP address of your laptop starts with 10. or 172. or 192.168. or something else.