Lost rubber foot on Librem 15

Sometime somehow I lost one of the rubber feet on my Librem 15. Is it possible to purchase a replacement for this part?


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There are a few others who have also posted about losing the rubber feet. From one thread, the dimensions appear to be


But the Purism staff recommended just looking at Amazon or Ebay or any computer parts store and buying any rubber feet you see that look like they would work. Purism doesn’t currently stock spare feet as far as I know. Perhaps one day in the future.

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In addition, I’ve found the black rubberized cyanoacrylate adhesives, like this, work best for keeping them on.

In case anyone on the Purism team reads this: you need to include either a depression for the rubber feet in the aluminum stamping for the bottom or a raised ring around the feet. Otherwise the edge is exposed and will catch on things as people slide the computers in and out of various sleeves / notebooks / folios / etc.

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I haven’t opened my Librem 15 v3 yet to see, but I was wondering if the rubber feet were just glued on or if there was a hole in the case for some rubber to go through. Feet that are mechanically attached might be less prone to come off. So, has anyone drilled 4 holes in their case for some super industro rubber feet? :slight_smile:

Any recommendations for specific feet/sources? I’ve lost 2 feet… I keep finding Macbook ones that seem different dimensions (though have not busted out my calipers yet).

Just to add one more voice to rubber-feet-gate: I too have lost all four of my machine’s feet through no more rigorous a use than carrying it in a messenger bag for three months. I have tried several solutions, as suggested on other forum threads. None have worked reliably. After trying a few options, I’ve had mixed luck with these:

To anyone at Purism who is listening: it seems like the feet coming off more often than other laptops is an issue that many community members have faced. It could be easily addressed either by providing a way to buy exact replacement parts, having a recommended third party option that might not be exact but works, or by improving the design of the pads. It is also not unreasonable to feel that having to seek out, buy and try your own solution is asking a lot of folks who spend so much on a laptop hoping that although not perfect, the most basic of quality checks have been passed. The costs to users of repeatedly losing feet are not small: we have to spend disproportionate time and energy buying, trying, and buying again - all the while impacting our productivity. And not only that, since our laptops are the most private and secure you can buy, this increases the chance that we will have to use less secure machines just so we can type on a keyboard surface that does not rock with every keystroke (or overheat should you remove all the feet). True, the feet are a minor issue compared to the bigger goals of privacy and security (where all energies are rightly focused). However it is also altogether too easy to dismiss just how significant the feet are to a machine on which people expect to be able to type on a stable surface. Further, making a laptop with sub-standard feet is like writing a novel of a type nobody else has ever written while misspelling the title : it conveys a devastating (and surely wrong in this case) message about attention to the details of a functioning laptop; and it makes the entire laptop (which is otherwise fabulous) seem decidedly sub-premium. All this for a flaw that could be addressed at little cost compared to the damage done to the reputation of the company. The potential damage to the reputation of our community from this issue seems to be orders of magnitude greater than the minute effort required to address it reasonably - and nearly everyone would agree that given how easily the feet fall off, it is reasonable for those making the laptops to address it.

So as a concerned, sympathetic and dedicated member of the community of users, I hope you will address our concerns about rubber-feet-gate.


Have you guys found a replacement?

… Could I interest anyone in selling me their original feet? I lost the back right on my Librem 15 v3 and would like to get an original so if anyone replaced theirs but still have the originals I’m looking for one.

I’m Canadian if it matters. Cheers.

When I had the case open I noticed what looks like holes for the rubber feet. That means the feet have a little protrusion that fits through the case, helping to anchor it. I did not want to take off any of the feet to get a better look, but they don’t appear to be simply flat, stick-on feet. Can Purism confirm this?

Here’s an awfully blurry photo of the underside of the foot from my 15v3. The depression is about 0.22" across and 0.015" deep, the raised nib in the middle about 0.11" across. Hard to see here, but yes, the middle protrudes a bit above the surface. It’s pretty useless at keeping the foot in place, though. In fact, it appears to have a chunk taken out of the side of it from the shearing that the foot experienced, and now I think that chunk of rubber is bouncing around inside the case.

The foot seemed to be attached with rubber cement. I reattached it with Vibra-TITE 388 just now.

Hello all, hoping to revive this thread. I lost 2 of the rubber feet of my Librem and am hoping to get some advice on what to buy in terms of feet and adhesive. I’m not a savvy tech tinkerer, which is why I would like to ask for advice on what specifically to get.



This is so awesome! It seems like a little thing, but it’s incredibly helpful and saves anyone needing them so much time. Thanks again, @mladen!