Lost rubber foot on Librem 15


Sometime somehow I lost one of the rubber feet on my Librem 15. Is it possible to purchase a replacement for this part?



There are a few others who have also posted about losing the rubber feet. From one thread, the dimensions appear to be


But the Purism staff recommended just looking at Amazon or Ebay or any computer parts store and buying any rubber feet you see that look like they would work. Purism doesn’t currently stock spare feet as far as I know. Perhaps one day in the future.


In addition, I’ve found the black rubberized cyanoacrylate adhesives, like this, work best for keeping them on.

In case anyone on the Purism team reads this: you need to include either a depression for the rubber feet in the aluminum stamping for the bottom or a raised ring around the feet. Otherwise the edge is exposed and will catch on things as people slide the computers in and out of various sleeves / notebooks / folios / etc.


I haven’t opened my Librem 15 v3 yet to see, but I was wondering if the rubber feet were just glued on or if there was a hole in the case for some rubber to go through. Feet that are mechanically attached might be less prone to come off. So, has anyone drilled 4 holes in their case for some super industro rubber feet? :slight_smile:


Any recommendations for specific feet/sources? I’ve lost 2 feet… I keep finding Macbook ones that seem different dimensions (though have not busted out my calipers yet).