Louis Rossmann's opinion on Librem 5

Lol, ok, that was a bit excessive. I was just pointing out that one shouldn’t jump to conclusions about someone based on a single encounter. I didn’t expect you to actually alter your comment. I mean, I’m glad I got my point across, but now I feel kinda guilty… :wink:

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I had other religious reasons for prayer and fasting, this was just another on my pile.

It is nice to know however, the commentator is not just a couch pundit. He actually works with his hands.

Yup. His technical videos go way over my head, which is why I don’t really follow him. But I do admire his attitude based on non-technical videos I’ve seen of him in the past. Even if I don’t always agree with the man, I must admit that at least he thinks before forming an opinion.

Back on topic: apparently he’s got some concerns, based on information he’s unwilling to share because he doesn’t want to betray the trust of those who passed it on. Well, should we be concerned?

  1. We don’t know what that information is, exactly. I can envision scenarios where it wouldn’t affect how I feel about my pledge, and scenarios where it would. Without knowing what it is, though, it’s impossible to draw conclusions.
  2. We don’t know who passed that information on to him either. How trustworthy are his sources? Might they have ulterior motives?
  3. And how much do they actually know apart from what they told him? Is the information they based their concerns on correct? And did they draw the correct conclusions?

As it stands, there’s very little to go on. Which he also stated in his response to @amosbatto’s question on Reddit, see also below. Thanks, BTW, @amosbatto . While I’m sure the guy spoke truthfully and voiced genuine concerns he has, without further elaboration these are just unsubstantiated rumours. And even if we trust him, and accept that he has genuine concerns, would they be concerns to us as well? We may have different expectations.

Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

Finally, I’ve seen way too many dead links on forums over the years, so I prefer to link and quote for the benefit of future readers in N years time. So for future reference, here’s his response to @amosbatto’s question on Reddit:

This is the part that’s painful… because it is easy for me to point out why I have that opinion, but would betray the trust of someone else. It’s not ignorance… it is the opposite, it’s having TOO much information. The kind that really isn’t my business, that I shouldn’t know to begin with.

I will be clear: I am not trying to sway anyone’s opinion on Librem. I am not anti-librem. I do not produce videos on Librem one way or another, I don’t post about them on forums, or write blogs about them. I have no right to ask anyone’s mind to be changed by giving my opinion, then withholding why I have that opinion. That is the price I pay to keep someone’s confidence, and it’s fine by me.

Please do not base whether you will do business with Librem or like their products/outlook based on what I say - I wouldn’t listen to someone who refused to provide evidence/substantiate their opinion, and I wouldn’t want others to either. Likely, the best thing to do would’ve been to ignore the question, but I felt kinda bad doing that since it was a paid question. At the same time, I can’t give a why because I know I am unwilling to violate my friend’s confidence/trust, so I probably just should’ve kept my mouth shut.

its also normal modern western culture to be presumptuous. its hard not to be when grown up in this culture.