Low noise fan

After this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMRwaQNs45k
I want to ask how many dB is the low noise fan.
Thank you.

I just finished watching their show myself. The loud fan noise issue has to be firmware related. This is a downside to rolling your own firmware: you’ve got to implement every seemly-mundane aspect of what a computer ordinarily does out-of-the-box. I would expect this to be a correctable problem but I’d like to hear Purism’s take (along with whether or not it will be corrected).

Great, the forum deleted my message. So take number two.

Thanks for posting the video.

Low noise fan problem was known thanks to the forum. Should be fixable soon.

However the opaque keys which are illuminated from the sides is really a surprise.
Second, window keys on a freedom promoting GNU/Linux high-end laptop?
That is sure to get me some laughs from my friends.

I understand that these are just details. But we’re not talking about some 500$ laptop.
And as far as I understand the pricing scheme correctly, I pay 500$ extra than what the future retail price will be to promote and help start purism on their track. Which is totally fine and I accepted the extra.
But then at least I expect impeccable hardware. Like a truly back-lit keyboard. Like non-windows keys on my keyboard.

Another issue is the lack of Ethernet-port.
It just comes to my mind now: Is there a freedom-respecting USB-C-Ethernet adapter? Otherwise, I would have a blob-free laptop but an adapter who could be doing god knows what to my transmissions on the cable and the laptop.
Hopefully you guys have a tip for me. I am going to need an adapter for my Librem once I have it.

I am now really curious to receive my Librem 15 rev 2. I do hope that the HKS are actually more sturdy than how they look in the video.

Low noise fan problem was known thanks to the forum. Should be fixable soon.

This puri.sm forum; can you link to where this discussion took place?


there you go:


But unfortunately they haven’t resolved the issue yet.

I see; in the other forum for PureOS. It was initially thought to be an OS issue I suppose.

Your other points regarding the keyboard are very valid. The missing Ethernet port is a bigger deal for me. It’s not uncommon I need to use a crossover cable to configure hardware or wifi is unavailable. You raise an interesting question about whats under the hood of a USB C Ethernet dongle.

I can tell you, the fan noise as it is, makes the laptop completely unusable. It is that high.

It is very disappointing they chose to ship it like this, and not even note or email saying “We are aware of this issue and will provide a fix for it.”

In the meantime, I did the same thing the guy in the Linux Show video did. I opened up my case, and disconnected the fan.

It’s mentioned here that the fan issue has been fixed via a software update :


FWIW The Purism 15" I received in September does not have the problem of running the fan constantly when running Debian.

It is a bit loud when the cpu is busy. but when the cpu is idle the laptop is quiet.

Indeed, unfortunately I got the earlier version of Librem 15, and it’s really loud - all the time…

Harry, simply download PureOS 2.1 form our website, write it to USB drive and boot from it, then reinstall the system.

Hi Mladen, thanks for the reply

Unfortunately I already got Debian stretch installed, and fully setup, with all the custom config that I need for my work. Reinstalling is just not possible at this time.

I’ll install PureOS 2.1 in a virtual machine, and try to figure out if it’s possible to copy the update to Debian.

Thanks anyway for your reply.

cheers, HS

Harry, check if there’s a service or a task eating your cpu cycles. You can use top or htop commands.

Nope, everything’s alright… even the CPU temperature in only around 40 degree Celcius… very cool : http://i.imgur.com/hPZ378I.png

Yet the fan is going full blast, all the time :slight_smile:

cheers, HS

Can you try with a live USB image, like Fedora, ArchBang, Mint?

I just reinstalled my Librem 15 with PureOS 3 alpha 2, and the fan is still going full blast all the time.

Reading the devlog, I noticed this : https://puri.sm/posts/purism-devlog-3/

You will miss our patched kernel

I understand that this is an Alpha release :slight_smile: so no problem, I will wait until the patched kernel is released for PureOS 3

Thanks, HS

Hi, I’ve got a fully updated PureOS 3 (apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade)

And the fan still goes full blast all the time. Even though the CPU is doing practically nothing (temperature in 40 C region)

It’s killing the battery. I’m lucky if I can get 2 hours usage out of a full charge.

Is the patch for fan still not yet in this kernel ?

Thanks, HS

Harry, have you tried my advice (using live distro to see if you can reproduce it)? Also, you can contact us at support at puri.sm with more detailed explanation.

Harry, have you tried my advice (using live distro to see if you can reproduce it)?

Yes, still no joy.

Also, you can contact us at support at puri.sm with more detailed explanation.

Will do, thanks. But probably a few days later - I’m out of town, and currently can not risk trying anything that might cause my laptop to become inoperable.

Thanks, HS