M.2 slot keying in Librem 14?

What is the M.2 slot keying in the Librem 14? I have only managed to find the web page at https://puri.sm/faq/storage-options/ which says the slots accept B+M keyed cards. As far as I can tell, that could mean any of these keyings for the slot itself: B, M, B+M.

I have seen it specified elsewhere that the WiFi slot is M.2 E-keyed, but that is not relevant.

Also, can anyone tell me where to find a clear specification of the keying of the Samsung 980 PRO card? It is not on the Samsung data sheet or on the Samsung specifications on their web site(s).

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the 2280 M.2 sockets are M-keyed.

A Samsung EVO 980 Pro is a PCIe x4 NVMe drive and therefore M-keyed.


Could you please update the page on the Purism web site that I mentioned to specify this?

By the way, what is a “Samsung EVO 980 Pro”? I am guessing you mean Samsung 980 PRO, right?

I’ll see who I can ping to do that

sure, whatever Samsung has named their current gen. The point is that all NVMe drives are M-keyed.

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