MacPro 2013 (Trashcan) PureOS Install

When trying to install PureOS on the TrashCan Apple computer late 2013 i am getting an error about unavailable graphics, i believe PureOS installer needs to package proprietary software for thunderbolt and thunderbolt related displays to work during installation?

Just a guess, any ideas how to make that work? I don’t like proprietary software but thunderbolt is about the best thing that happened to computing. Ubuntu installs just fine btw.

Reason Why:
To test out the pureos software (i do not care if wifi or anything else works) as long as the installer works.

In installed Linux Mint on one of those. It was a total dog… until I installed the proprietary NVidia driver. Now it’s AWESOME. Been using it that way for almost 2 years. I am keeping my eyes peeled for other castaway Macs of that vintage.

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Nice! I think mine has the AMD FirePro D500 dual cards. I dont think i was able to find an official (proprietary) linux driver for it. For the MacBook Pro 2011 i was also using Ubuntu and just deactivated the Custom graphics chip running off the Intel one only so it was more reliable but it would occasionally freeze, like your exlerience was quite a graphics dog for my purposes. The trashcan on the other hand has had mininal graphics glitches and been running fast (except when it sleeps on wakeup of apple thunderbolt display) the login screen sometimes gets messed up graphically with the open source driver -but corrects itself once logged in.

Now coming to think of it i wonder if i can create a dual Linux boot option from within Ubuntu and boot PureOS instead using the Ubuntu/Apple legacy EFI type boot partition, then after boot use PureOS to access the same home folders/apps/settings as Ubuntu does?