Made in America?

I plan to purchase the Librem 5 because it’s the only cell still manufactured in the U.S.

Can anyone tell me where the parts for a Purism laptop are manufactured?

Surely you are talking about the Librem 5 USA then.
That page has a listing of where the parts are coming from.

The “ordinary” L5 will have most things from China, except final assembly and boxing (I assume).
It’s similar for the laptops: final assembly in the USA.

As you can see, there’s a steep price increase for the USA edition of the Librem 5. A fully US made laptop would be even more expensive. I would assume Purism would like to do that one day, but they need to grow a lot in order to do that. In other words: You want to live to see that day, help the company grow.


Right. More expensive.

More jobs in the U.S. Higher quality from paid employees than… whatever happens in China and other communist countries.

I’ll pay the extra $50.

So the question remains, is there a laptop that is made in a non-communist country, a laptop that is from the U.S. like Purism’s cell?

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Librem 5 $799
Librem 5 USA $1999
Librem 14 $1499
Librem 14 USA $3750 (hypothetically, extrapolated)

still feeling patriotic?

There are good reasons for this, but “communism” would be the least. After all, it was “capitalists” who made those jobs leave to then-less-developed countries.
How about human rights?
Supply chain security?


You couldn’t be more wrong. You must work for the NBA. Ha ha.

U.S. built and manufactured.

Is that possible for a non-partisan?

I just want to buy U.S.A.

I have no affiliation and no interest in politics.

Thanks, same. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t live in the US.


Very much not same :upside_down_face:

Well, well, that’s cool. I support it. I’d also prefer it. Just wanted to point out it’s not as simple as you might think.
To my knowledge, nobody produces laptops in the US. I mean… How deep would you like to go? All chips? Forget it, for at least the next decade.
Or just assembly?

Anyway, Purism might be the closest you get. They already have two mostly US made products and I’d expect them (if any) to make the first US made laptop of this millennium.
(I’m not saying I’m confident…)

Bullshit. And, yes.

Can I buy a manufactured computer that is pure U.S.?

Or a cell?

Not really a crazy question.

i’d buy a bucket-load of L5-USA-edition for everybody … if only i’d have access to the federal-reserves-gold deposit … be a modern day Robin-hood men-in-tights and all that …

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That’s cool. Hate women and children and kids and decmocracy. At least you saved $10!

No idea what I’m doing trying to figure out what this company is. Best of luck.

This is the key question. Even the L5 USA contains some non-USA parts. Assembly in the US is probably the best anyone can do for a laptop, since most of the components have no US-made alternatives.

Ironically, the best chance of getting a laptop which is assembled in the US is to buy a Thinkpad assembled in Whitsett, North Carolina by the Chinese company Lenovo. You can even buy some Thinkpads with Fedora preinstalled. See:

If you want a desktop computer, then you might want to look at System76’s Thelio or Lenovo’s ThinkCentre.

the new one’s have some really sexy way of hot-swapping the PSU and pro-GPU ‘shelves’ and only PRO (and proprietary :sweat_smile:) components but they are EXPENSIVE …

i’d like to see a rackmountable server/workstation that can accommodate 120/140 mm fans inside and adequate space for a silent CPU cooler from Purism … the options they have available for the server in 2U are just too noisy to have in the same room …

No insulting plz. I removed the flagged post as a first warning.


Lol Ryan, I don’t think you have any idea of the costs associated with manufacturing in the US vs China. First off Chinese companies pay their workers FAR LESS than what a US company would. Not to mention China has far less regulations on emissions, workers rights, working age, and employee safety and benefits. All these factors combined make manufacturing in China much, much cheaper than in the US. I am not making any political statements here, just stating the facts. When it comes to cheaper products (under 100$ range or so), I try to buy from US when possible. The salary minimum wage of a Chinese worker is on average 4 times less than an American. The price of the Librem 5 USA is easily justified. If you were to build the newest iPhone in America you would easily be looking at $2000-3000 as well. I suggest you actually do some research on how these things work before complaining.

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Again, you’re advocating slave labor so you can save a few bucks. Shameless.

Pretty sure I’m not as I explicitly said that. I am certain you are just a keyboard warrior who is probably typing their replies on a chinese product as we speak. Reality is that a vast majority of products in the USA are made in China, particularly electronics. I WISH we had more domestic manufacturing, but we don’t. And its not “a few bucks” my guy. As I said. When it is a few bucks (only happens on cheap products) I will try to buy USA. But it is not “a few bucks” between $799 and $1999 lmfao. And again, the price is that high because it has to be. Not because they are greedy.

I also agree the L5 is a bad example. The price still makes sense though.

I’m not sure if Librem 5 vs Librem 5 USA is a good comparison to use for the extrapolation, because the Librem 5 USA is an extremely small production run (probably a couple hundred) and I suspect that Purism jacked up the price a lot, because it is trying to cover its 3.3 years of software development costs for the Librem 5, which it wouldn’t need to do with the Librem 14 USA.

Labor costs are one of the factors, but the big question is how much of the parts do you need to be made in the USA. It would be very expensive to make the cases, hinges and keyboards in the US, because Purism is only going to sell a couple thousand Librem 14 USA per year, and you have to make a lot of those parts to justify the investment in equipment and infrastructure to produce those parts.

However, I think an acceptable compromise would be to use Chinese sources for the the cases, hinges and keyboards, but make sure that the ICs and screen come from democratic countries and the PCB and the assembly happens in the USA, which is what Purism is doing with Librem 5 USA. There are many domestic companies that produce PCB and do PCBA in the USA. If Purism makes the Librem 14 USA that way, then I think that it should be possible with a $500-$700 markup over the Librem 5 if selling between 1k and 2k units per year. The tricky part is getting enough orders, because the costs per unit go up a lot when producing in small quantities.

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Yup, the more little components you need to make in the US, the more the price goes up exponentially. I agree a good approach would be to only source US parts on things like IC’s. Things like resistors, capacitors, etc., don’t have any way they could manipulate the device. Makes sense to buy else ware cheap, rather than R&D, or pay a high markup for a US manufacturer.

You saying you’re not making a political statement doesn’t make it so.

Buying products made by children and the exploited is a political statement.

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