"Made in USA" label?

Does the Librem 5 USA contain enough USA components to qualify for the “Made in USA” label, according to the new FTC ruling?

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The description page for the L5-USA uses the language “Made in USA Electronics,” so I would assume that the answer is no, that L5-USA would not be eligible for an unqualified Made in USA claim.

From page 3 of the FTC ruling linked above:

“all or virtually all of the product’s ingredients or components are made and sourced in the United States”

That seems like a high bar for the L5-USA to meet. Perhaps it will get there someday.


I still think the other L5 should have a “China” word on the side in Red. Adding a sickle logo would be extremely funny. It isn’t like that emblem is copyrighted as it has been over 95 years since first used.

The sickle was USSR, not China.

Also, China is an authoritarian-capitalist regime and has very little communism in their current government.


Acch, I forgot. A red star then. Like the insignia on their uniforms.